Freight Policy


  • Declaration forms and documentation are required to be completed, please bring photo ID
  • Oversized/Bulky/heavy items (over 32kg) need approval, prior for travel. 
  • Freight deliveries can be made to the Auckland, Claris and Kaitaia check in Counters.  To be accepted for travel, the address must include "C/- Barrier Air", a name and contact number of the recipient.  If the address does not clearly identify the package is to be carried by Barrier Air, it will be returned to sender.
  • At Auckland courier deliveries can be made to Barrier Air - 6 Laurence Stevens Drive, Auckland Airport, Mangere 2022.
  • We cannot guarantee items will be refrigerated

Once accepted, no guarantee is made as to when the item will be carried, however Barrier Air will endeavour to do so with reasonable dispatch. The items will be transported between ports and will be held at our offices for collection by the customer.  All freight charges must be paid in full prior to travel, unless you have a business account with Barrier Air. Some items are not suitable for air travel due to size and/or weight combinations.  For unusual items, please call us to discuss. All freight carried by Barrier Air is carried AT THE FREIGHT OWNERS RISK.  

NO DANGEROUS GOODS will be accepted for shipping. 


  • are carried space available, no guarantee is made to travel on the flight booked;
  • Maximum surfboard length of 6'3" applies;
  • Board bag weight is board and bag ONLY, all other items stored in board bag is part of the check-in luggage allowance
  • NZ$50 one way, per SURFBOARD (fins removed before travel). 

BIKES - please call our friendly team on 0800 900 600 in advance, to make your booking due to limitations:

  • no guarantee is made to travel on the flight booked;
  • No e-bikes or bike boxes;
  • Bikes must be clean, front wheel removed and chain covered (bring bike tools)
  • NZ$50 one way, per bike


  • are carried space available, no guarantee will travel with owner;
  • Maximum fishing rod length of 2 metres applies;
  • Please remove fish hooks

ANIMALS  - please call our friendly team on 0800 900 600 in advance, to make your animal booking due to carriage limitations:

  • Unaccompanied animals - documentation is required to be completed
  • some animals may not be accepted for travel;
  • animals must travel in an IATA approved crate,
  • no changes on day;
  • Animals 20kg or less (including the weight of the crate): NZ$59 one way;
  • Animals 21kg or more (including the weight of the crate): NZ$69 one way.
  • Barrier Air has a limited stock of crates for hire at NZ$45 one way.
  • non refundable, will be held in credit for 12 months, travel completed, from the date ticket purchased.

Got a question? Call us on 0800 900 600