Charter Flights

Charter Flights

Barrier Air has a fleet of Cessna Caravan aircraft available for charter throughout New Zealand at very competitive rates. Submit your online request with any enquiries you may have.


Our modern fleet of aircraft are professionally maintained, ensuring we are able to adapt to your specific needs.


By chartering one of our aircraft you will have the ability to create your own timetable and change it accordingly, knowing that the aircraft and crew will wait for you. With executive aircraft charters you are the master of your own timetable, not its slave.


Rapid, On-Demand availability to dispatch aircraft 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week giving you the freedom to change your itinerary on short notice.


Efficient use of your time and personnel maximises your most important resources. With the optimum number of people to match the aircraft capacity private charters can save not only money, but also valuable time.

Business Tool

Realise and act quickly on more business opportunities by accessing new markets. Conduct uninterrupted private business meetings with clients and associates while travelling to increase productive time. Finish projects much faster! Transport clients to your facility. Minimise time away from home! Minimise travel fatigue through shorter itineraries.


The option to travel with people you choose, conduct meetings, discuss business strategies or simply relax in a stress-free environment.


Fly to your favourite destination in New Zealand and enjoy your favourite past-times!

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