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Kaitaia - whaddaya know?

Kaitaia - whaddaya know?

Kaitaia - whaddaya know? Ninety-mile beach, farming community, have we covered it all? Read on, we’re going to clue you in on one of NZ’s best kept secrets, a place to take the whanau for a weekend or longer. Not mobbed by the masses, and with prices relative to that of the classic Kiwi holiday’.

We came, we saw, we chose our top stays, adventures, eateries, and affordable stuff. Your own adventure will begin of course with a cruisey scenic flight with us from Auckland, touching down in a town with a small community, a big heart, and 3 main languages less than an hour later - ‘where journeys begin’. Holler for a taxi, and you’re off!

This is where it gets difficult - as you’re literally spoiled for choice, ‘do we eat, drink, check in… nah, let’s head to our first adventure - we’re here, let’s play!’

Far North Outback Adventures happened to be our taxi, as they picked us up directly from the airport (too easy!), and these guys don’t mess around with their choices of food, entertainment and adventure! The cheeky humor of the local guides who are knowledgeable, and down to earth - just adds a whole new flavour to the day, whilst they drive, wine, dine (feed the kids), show us a couple (yep two!) of oceans in one day, pushed us down the dunes in our appointed toboggans, that they hadn't already elevated our heart rates in their ‘cosy as’ 4WD’s.

Thrilled? Let’s bring it down a notch… the Waters Edge (what a perfect name!) B & B, just a k away from the town center, super comfortable suites for the kiddyroos & the grown-ups, a kitchen for dining in, or refueling nibbles, a pool, fringed by native and exotic flora, and the perfect outdoor setting for a cheeky parental imbibe, whilst watching the kids entertain themselves, as kids do for endless hours in the pool.

Now we eat, The Bushman’s Hut - in their own opinion ‘the Far North’s favourite place to pick up a knife and fork’, and we’re not gonna disagree! Like our fond memories of dinners at a certain family friendly 80’s haunt the Bushman’s hut is hearty food, laughter, tomato sauce grins, and a menu full of Kiwi favourites.

A beautiful sunrise, and the sounds of activity long away from a metropolitan wake-up call demand our attention, as does a quick dip in the pool! We were a bit savvy in our choice of weekends here in Kaitaia - meaning ample food, we still have food on our minds. It’s the 27th of Feb, and we’re hitting NZ’s original A & P show. And fyi, we checked this out too, there is a family pass, there is a pen to play with the farmyard animals, there is ample sufficient candy floss - toffee apples.. yum! And there most definitely is a spot of shopping to be had, in case you wanted to take home a quilt, some homemade toffee, or a combine harvester.

A classic cream bun from the local bakery en-route back to the airport, and ...the end.

That is for us, back to reality we went, having just scratched the surface of Kaitaia’s cool adventures (sorry!) We missed the snorkeling, the Vintage Museum, Te Ahu civic centre, the pottery - the beautiful walks, Herekino Forest & Lake Ngatu, the golf action, fishing (who misses an opportunity for that sort of tall tale?), the scuba diving… on and on it goes. But lucky for those who enjoy a short read, there’s an i-Site appointed with super onto it staff, and brochures packed with info and pretty pictures to fill in any blanks.

We don't want to go on toooo much, but in the hopes we’ve ‘wet your whistle’, we look forward to seeing the whanau soon!

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